Selasa, 25 November 2014

Senin, 08 September 2014

Campina Cassata Ice Cake Print Ad

client : PT Campina Ice Cream Industry
agency : Fortune Indonesia
art director : Ari Asnagri
photography & digital imaging : Mahargyo Jati

Jakarta Morning Dew

Selasa, 02 September 2014

Pulang ke Negeri Senja

South Borneo Trip ( Minamas - Sime Darby corporate photoshoot teaser )

Honestly, first flight schedule was never in my list before, everything about first flight just seems not a good idea to start the day, until I got this shot, taken second after the plane take off, see the Sunrise from above was such an amazing moment. Every detail when the sunlight began to shine and the mist that slowly to disappear was absolutely worth to see. Really love how the sun rises gave rays from a side then create rim light in each building,  It's not something you can see every day, uh.. except you're pilot of course :)

Anyway, this post is a series of Minamas - Sime Darby Corporate stock images photoshoot. We went to Kotabaru, South Borneo to covered some CSR activities has been held. Just stay tuned for next photo from Kotabaru, see you guys

Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

Mizone Viral Campaign

Welcoming  FIFA World Cup 2014, Mizone Indonesia created a Meme games on their Facebook Fanpage. My team and I had an opportunity to involve as a photographer to provide the image materials. Taken in the area of Thamrin and Menteng, we really had an exciting photo session, so many improvisation and spontaneous during the photo session and of course, with the approval of the art director.

Enjoy guys :)

client  : Mizone
ageny : Y&R Advertising
art director  : Dani Dwiputra
project manager : Harvan Agustriansyah
photography       : Mahargyo Jati Nugroho